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Pilot Candidate Program

143d Airlift Squadron
Rhode Island Air National Guard
Quonset Point ANGB, North Kingstown RI, 02852

•Applicants must not exceed their 33rd birthday or 8 years beyond their Total Federal Commissioned Service Date (TFCSD) by their assigned UPT class start date.
•Must be a U.S. citizen capable of obtaining a Top-Secret Security Clearance
•Basic vision limitations:
•Vision Requirements – Refractive error no greater than -3.0 (correctable to 20/20)
•Corrective surgery requires a waiver, strongly recommend consulting with USAF Flight Surgeon
•Must possess a 4-year college bachelor’s degree (or have at least 90 credit hours completed to apply)
•You must be in good overall health and meet USAF physical fitness standards
•Minimum flight experience: flight training up through initial solo (143d Requirement)
•Minimum of a Class 3 FAA medical exam or prior service Flying Class I or III (143d Requirement)
•Prefer personnel to live in the local commuting area or willing to relocate (143d Requirement)


•TFOT1: 10 weeks TDY - Officer Commission – Maxwell AFB, AL•IFT1,2: 4 weeks TDY - 18 hours in a Diamond 20 – Pueblo, CO•UPT: 52 weeks PCS - Flying the T-6 / T-1 – Location Varies

•PIQ/PMQ: 6 Month TDY C-130J schoolhouses – Little Rock AFB, AR

•Water Survival1: 1-week TDY, Water Survival School – Fairchild AFB, WA

•Combat Survival1: 3 weeks TDY, Combat Survival School – Fairchild AFB, WA

•Home Station Seasoning: 90 – 180 days3 of orders – Quonset Point ANGB, RI

•Big Picture: Looking at about 2-2.5 years to become a Mission Ready C-130J Co Pilot 1 - Spouse and dependents may accompany to all except to OTS, IFS and Survival Schools2 - IFS May be waived for candidates with FAA Private Pilot License3 - Actual amount will depend on experience, background and USAF annual budget.

Maxwell AFB, AL
Commissioned as a USAF Second Lieutenant upon graduation

Pueblo, CO
10 Hours Ground Training / 18 Hours Flight Training (13 Dual Flights and 1 Solo) May be waived with an FAA Private Pilot License

Three potential UPT bases: Columbus AFB, MS / Vance AFB, OK / Laughlin AFB, TX Phase 1 – Academic Classes and Pre-Flight Training
Phase 2 – Academics, Simulator & Flight Training
Phase 3 – Advanced Academics, Simulator & Flight Training
PIQ/PMQ – Pilot Initial/Mission Qualification (C-130 School House)
Little Rock AFB, AR
C-130J – Mission Specific Academics, Simulator & Flight Training

USAF Water Survival
Fairchild AFB, WA
USAF Combat Survival School
Fairchild AFB, WA
Home Station Training
Quonset Point ANGB, RI
Local Indoctrination

•1 Weekend per month (Unit Training Assembly)
•2 Weeks annual training
•1 Week annual simulator refresher training
•Remain fully Current & Qualified
•Expect 2 to 3 training sorties per month and 1 off station training event per quarter (minimum)

•Activations (realistically looking at 3 months to a deployed location every 18 – 24months)
•Operation Inherent Resolve / Freedom’s Sentinel / Other contingency rotations are the norm
•Strong family support network
•Deployed veteran benefits (GI Bill, Early Retirement, etc.)

Note: These can take a considerable amount of time to coordinate; plan accordingly

AFOQT: Air Force Officer Qualifying Test - http://www.baseops.net/afoqt
•Hanscom AFB, MA – Base Training (781-225-5942) - Not given regularly, check for availability
•Quonset ANGB, RI – Base Training (401-267-3268) - Not given regularly, check for availability
•Other locations may be closer to your home, check the website for availability

TBAS: Test of Basic Aviation Skills - https://pcsm.aetc.af.mil/TBASLocations.html
•Hanscom AFB, MA – Base Training (781-377-6150) - Not given regularly, check for availability
•Other locations may be closer to your home, check the website for availability

PCSM: Pilot Candidate Selection Method - https://pcsm.aetc.af.mil/index.html
•PCSM=AFOQT+TBAS+FLIGHT TIME (Note: not the actual equation, but you get the point)

Current FAA Medical - http://www.faa.gov/pilots/amelocator/
•FAA 3rd Class Medical at a minimum - approximate cost: $100

Performance Reports & Supervisor Contact Info (Current and Prior Service Only)
•Include copies of your last 3 OPR’s / EPR’s as appropriate
•Include contact information for your current supervisor

•Cover letter
•Color photo (optional)
•Current resume
•Include supervisor contact information on resume
•College Transcripts (Official transcript preferred/unofficial transcripts accepted)
•Please send transcripts with entire completed package
•Letters of Recommendation (minimum of 3)
•Addressed to “143d UPT Selection Board”
•Please send letters with entire completed package
•Be sure to include contact information to include a working phone number
•AFOQT Scores (see previous page)
•TBAS Score (see previous page)
•PCSM Scores (see previous page)
•Completed AF Form 24 (https://www.143aw.ang.af.mil/About-Us/Careers/)
•Completed DD Form 2807-2 (https://www.143aw.ang.af.mil/About-Us/Careers/)
•Doctor’s signature not required, but full disclosure is required
•One copy each of the following:
•Last 3 OPR’s / EPR’s (Military Only)
•Current FAA Medical (Class 3 or higher)
 Prior service applicant with documentation of Flying Class I or III will also be accepted
•Pilot certificates / ratings
•Last page of logbook
•Driving record (Official State Printout)
•Law violations, to include any court documents (if applicable)

• Virtual Question and Answer: 01 August 2024
•Deadline for application submission: 10 September 2024
•Interviews will be held: 02-03 November 2024
•Turn in completed package on time (this is a delivered by date, not a postmarked by date)
•Address for application submission:

ANG Recruiting – 143d UPT Board
Attn: SMSgt Susy Reyes
1235 Oaklawn Ave,
Cranston RI 02920

•Keep package contents “professional” and address them to the unit
•Make sure you meet all requirements / prerequisites
•Be upfront and honest about any “negatives” or “issues”
•Study for the AFOQT, you can only take it twice
•Know basic facts and figures about the unit and mission
•Follow up to ensure your application was received
•Brush up on your interview skills
Be yourself at the interview

All applicants will be considered without regard to gender, race, creed, color or ethnic background.
Current as of: 01 March 2024

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