Public Affairs

Our mission is to promote the accomplishments of 143d Airlift Wing and its members to internal and external audiences with vigor and professionalism. In doing so, it's a privilege to serve you. Your needs, in support of our unit mission, are top priority.

143d Airlift Wing, Public Affairs Office
502 Rhode Warrior Way
North Kingstown, RI 02852
Contact: 401-267-3229

Public Affairs Guide for All Airmen (trifold)
Multimedia Services

Information Release

Information that will be released to external audiences (anyone outside of the DoD) must be cleared for release through the Public Affairs office. Please route speeches, scripts, and presentations through the 143d AW Public Affairs office.

Media Relations

Media Relations is one of the primary means for achieving the Public Affairs core competencies of Airman morale and readiness, public trust and support and global influence and deterrence.

Public Affairs works with the news media to provide interviews, coordinate visits and to respond to queries. We seek every opportunity to tell the 143d Airlift Wing story by reaching the public through local, regional and national news media organizations.

Public Affairs Guide for All Airmen

Hometown News Release

Help tell the good news that takes place in the 143d Airlift Wing. The Hometown News Release Program allows for individual service members to inform their communities of their personal military accomplishments. Each year over 500,000 individual news releases are distributed to the 14,000 newspapers, television and radio stations with this service. Through the Hometown News Release Form, events such as promotions, awards, or any significant reassignments are all good examples to be used with this free service.

Filling out the form is very basic and easy. Once completed, the form should be sent to the Rhode Island National Guard Public Affairs Office

ATTN: RING Public Affairs Officer
Rhode Island National Guard
Joint Force Headquarters
2841 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI 02818 

From there, the release form will be distributed to your local media outlets.

PA Multimedia Services

We are here to help you get the best multimedia support possible, however, the nature of our products and services make them susceptible to unofficial usage. Therefore, we have some limitations and restrictions outlined below.

Official Use Only - Air Force Multimedia resources are government property for official Air Force mission support and historical documentation. Unofficial use by military personnel violates Article 92 of the UCMJ.

Copyright Material - Copyright material may be copied and used only within very narrow limits. We require express written consent from the copyright owner before duplicating copyrighted material. The Staff Judge Advocate is a good source of advice on all copyright matters.

Public Release - Products for public release or dissemination, items for the base newspaper, and items for other internal (Air Force) publications must be approved by the Public Affairs Office.

- Producing mementos, souvenirs, wall decorations and similar products for presentation to separating or retiring personnel is not authorized.
Exceptions include Wing Command approved items within reason. Contact the Public Affairs office at 401-267-3229 for more information.

High Volume Print Production - We are limited on the number of prints we can provide of a single graphic, program or brochure. High volume print production is provided by the Document Automation and Production Service (DAPS) and they can fulfill your request on a fee-for-service basis, Phone: 401-841-3183 or visit them at

Multimedia Self Help - Digital still cameras, digital video cameras and presentations equipment are available for sign out on a first-come, first-serve basis from the multimedia Center. Customers should visit the Public Affairs Office and fill out an AF Form 833 as early as possible in order to reserve equipment. Contact Public Affairs about becoming a Unit Public Affairs Representative (UPAR) for your section.


The AF Form 833, MULTIMEDIA WORK ORDER, is the key to multimedia support. Due to the time sensitive nature, cost and complexity of our products and services, all work requests must have a properly annotated and signed AF 833. The form serves as the initial request for the customer, provides instructions for the request, it's also a means of tracking the job and a source for accounting man-hours and materials. The AF Form 833 is available be clicking Here or at the public affairs office located in rm. 153 in bldg. 502.

For more information about the Multimedia Services provided by 143d AW Public Affairs please click here.

Tour Request

The 143d Airlift Wing is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the public on our role in our nation's defense. Guided informational tours of our aircraft, base facilities and functions are available. To submit a request, please fill out this form and email or mail it back to the Public Affairs office.

Request a Guest Speaker

The 143d Airlift Wing can provide speakers for Veteran's Day, Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day public observances, and can also provide speakers for many other appropriate public events. Rhode Island Air National Guard personnel can speak on a wide variety of topics including: Military Support to Civil Authorities, Military Aviation, Leadership, Education Opportunities, Family Readiness and Support, Military Law, Military History, Military Medicine, Public Relations, and Journalism.

To request a speaker from the 143d Airlift Wing, event organizers should submit a completed DD Form 2536 (Request for Armed Forces Participation in Public Events) no later than 30 days prior to the event to:

ATTN: Joint Operations Center
Rhode Island National Guard
Joint Force Headquarters
2841 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI 02818 

Public Events

Armed Forces Participation In Public Events

The 143d Airlift Wing supports the participation of our Airmen in public events. This participation should further the understanding of the unit's mission and the community as a whole.

·Participation must be in a noninterference basis, and minimize interference with normal training or operations.

·Use of government facilities at the governments expense for non DoD-civilians is prohibited.

·Providing handouts, speeches and other forms of promotion of the group's objectives is prohibited.

Contact 143d Airlift Wing Public Affairs for more information.

Submit all requests for participation in a public event using DD Form 2536 to:

ATTN: Joint Operations Center
Rhode Island National Guard
Joint Force Headquarters
2841 South County Trail
East Greenwich, RI 02818 

Flyover & Static Display

Flyover and Static Display Requests

All flyover and static aircraft requests will be processed through the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Office. Please do not contact any specific unit directly for aircraft support.

As a general rule, flyover requests are supported for patriotic holidays or for open house and air shows only. If a request does not satisfy one of these requirements, justification must show a significant contribution toward military appreciation.

All flyover requests should be submitted online at no later than 30 days prior to the event. Once applications are received, requestors will receive an e-mail with further instructions. Requesters will be required to get many signatures, complete the application and fax the application back to Aerial Events. Once the complete application is received, it will be reviewed and routed for higher approval.

Once a determination is made, requesters will receive an e-mail at the address provided on the application.

If your unit or event has received an approval from the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Office and you are interested in receiving aircraft support from the or 143d Airlift Wing, please contact the Public Affairs Officer at the contact information at the top of the page.

The Public Affairs Officer will coordinate with the unit to determine if an aircraft is available to support the flyover or static display request. Once coordination with the unit is complete, the Public Affairs Officer will notify the requester of the final determination.

If the 143d Airlift Wing is unable to support an event, requesters are encouraged to contact other Air National Guard, Air Reserve or Air Force Bases within their region.

Air Force Symbol

The Air Force Symbol is the official symbol of the United States Air Force. It honors the heritage of our past and represents the promise of our future. Furthermore, it retains the core elements of our Air Corps heritage, the "Arnold" wings and star with circle, and modernizes them to reflect our air and space force of today and tomorrow.

Please be advised that there are appropriate and inappropriate usages of the Air Force Symbol. For information on the usage policy please visit the Air Force Branding and Trademark Licensing site.

Contact Public Affairs with any questions

PA Requests


Photography Requests:

Location photography - 72 hours

Studio photography - by appointments

Graphics Requests:

Large-scale original designs - by appointments

Self-help projects - first come, first serve

Video Requests:

Productions (local only) - 10 duty days

Documentation only - 5 duty days


Priority 1: Priority Resources, Mishaps, Investigations, Alert Calls
Time: 1 Working Day

Priority 2: Mission Essential Time critical request.
Time: 2 to 10 Working Days

Priority 3: Routine work requests.
Time: 11 to 29 Working Days

Priority 4: Non-mission critical products - i.e. squadron photos, retirement ceremonies, promotion ceremonies, base beautification, organizational charts, etc.
Time: 30-50 Working Days

Public Affairs Requests: or 401-267-3229

AF 833

What's Hot

- News Note (Short announcement in Rhode Warrior, OSG or on public website)

- Photography (Historical documentation and/or event coverage in PA publication)

- Event Coverage (Story/photo for publication in newspaper, public website and social networking sites)

- News Submission (Requestor submits photos and/or article to PA for placement in Rhode Warrior, OSG, and website)

- Hometown News Release submissions

- Public Website (Develop webpage or other feature as appropriate; add full description of request on second page)

- Media Outreach (PA distributes press release and engages local news outlets for event coverage)