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The Rhode Warrior Light was a monthly newsletter designed to bring you the latest news and information for the upcoming UTA. You can find limited printed copies of the Rhode Warrior Light in your orderly rooms or find it online by scanning the QR code printed on the back of the newsletter. QR codes will also be located on bulletin boards throughout the base. Happy Reading!

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- Digital still cameras, digital video cameras and presentations equipment are available for sign out on a first-come, first-serve basis from the multimedia Center. Customers should visit the Public Affairs Office and fill out an AF Form 833 as early as possible in order to reserve equipment. Contact Public Affairs about becoming a Unit Public Affairs Representative (UPAR) for your section.


The AF Form 833, MULTIMEDIA WORK ORDER, is the key to multimedia support. Due to the time sensitive nature, cost and complexity of our products and services, all work requests must have a properly annotated and signed AF 833. The form serves as the initial request for the customer, provides instructions for the request, it's also a means of tracking the job and a source for accounting man-hours and materials. The AF Form 833 is available be clicking Here or at the public affairs office located in rm. 153 in bldg. 502.

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Lieutenant Col. Jeremie S. Huot assumes command of the 143d Operation Support Squadron during and assumption of command ceremony Aug 25, 2019, at Quonset Air National Guard Base, North Kingstown, RI. As the Squadron Commander, Huot will oversee Airmen readiness and will be responsible for supporting the wing’s airlift capability. U.S. Air National Guard Photo by Staff Sgt. Kristi McDonald, 143d AW/PA. #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors Air National Guard | Rhode Island National Guard
First Lieutenant John J. D’Orsi assumes command of the 143d Maintenance Operations Flight during an assumption of command ceremony, Aug. 24, 2019, at Quonset Air National Guard Base, North Kingstown, R.I. As the flight commander, D’Orsi will oversee flight and Airmen readiness and the maintenance operations of the 143d Airlift Wing's tactical airlift mission. Air National Guard photos by Staff Sgt. Deirdre Salvas 143 AW/PA #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors Rhode Island National Guard | Air National Guard
Hello, I’m Airman 1st Class Stephen E. Dangelos, and I’m a cyber transport systems specialist for the 143d Communications Flight, Rhode Island Air National Guard. Before this, I was a mechanic. I knew I wanted to get into IT and the Rhode Island Air National Guard has allowed me to do that. My job during drill is to maintain the network infrastructure for the 143d Airlift Wing. This includes, managing devices on the network such as, phones and switches, or activating user interfaces, wireless access points and much more. Another part of my job is checking equipment for serviceability, conducting inspections of systems, identifying problems and taking corrective action if needed. We also maintain the secure internet connection for the base. My job impacts the overall mission because there would be no network access without us. My favorite part of the job is responding to customer tickets, getting out around the base, activating ethernet ports and installing new equipment. To give an example, one way to add a device to the network for a customer is by using a cable tester with an audible tone. When I hear the tone, I can locate the port and plug a cable between the patch panel and the switch connected to the network. In my civilian job, I do networking at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island as a contractor. I would say a good candidate for cyber transport systems is someone who is determined. At first, the job is mentally difficult to understand, but if you work at it then it’ll click. Eventually, things become second nature. #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors #LightingTheRhodeAhead Rhode Island National Guard | Air National Guard | The National Guard
#RhodeWarriors, did you know? Using a cell phone or laptop on an unsecured wifi hotspot could give away private or sensitive information. Watch this short video to find out more. #OPSEC #WeAreRHODY
Meet Technical Sgt. Michael Zarbo of the 282d Combat Communications Squadron. As a Radio Frequency Transmission Systems specialist and team chief, he is responsible for deploying, sustaining, troubleshooting and repairing a variety of wireless communications devices, such as handheld, manpack and microwave radios and satellite communications terminals. #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors #SecondToNone #AlwaysReadyAlwaysThere Air National Guard | Rhode Island National Guard | The National Guard
I am Technical Sgt. Jessica Bobroff, an equal opportunity (EO) specialist, 143d Airlift Wing, Rhode Island Air National Guard Base, North Kingstown, R.I. My primary duties fall into three main categories: training, administering climate surveys, and handling complaints within a unit. I provide human relations training, new commander briefings, and orientation for all newcomers. We also make sure to visit each section of the unit once a year to ensure that our members know what the EO office is and where we are located. The most important aspect of the EO office is handling complaints and issues. Official complaints can be handled in a restricted or unrestricted manner, but the office is always open to Airmen who want to come in and talk about challenges they may be facing. We try to provide resolutions at the lowest possible level, and are there to ensure each member feels their voice is valued and heard. One of my favorite parts of the job is acting as a mediator for various situations. For example, I can administer an official mediation process to help resolve a conflict if an Airman and their supervisor are unable to reach a resolution on their own. I feel that my career field affects the Wing's mission as a whole because we ensure fairness for all Airmen. My main priority as an EO specialist is to lead by example by modeling acceptable behavior and upholding professionalism. We strive to foster an inclusive atmosphere so that people feel safe in their workplace, which increases job satisfaction. I believe that when people feel included and satisfied within their career fields, they tend to stay longer. I began my career in the Army National Guard and after 10 years of service, transferred over to the Air National Guard as a Knowledge Operations Manager. Two years ago, I cross-trained into my current career field, and I have a total of 16 years of military service. In my civilian job, I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a veterans service representative. I am also a clinician at a private practice for mental health counseling where I am gaining my hours for licensure. I recently finished graduate school at Rhode Island College, receiving my degree in mental health counseling. My undergraduate degree is in Social Work. I also care for my four-month-old son, Benjamin. #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors #AlwaysReadyAlwaysThere
#RhodeWarriors, DID YOU KNOW: As an active duty, reserve or activated guard service member, IT’S ILLEGAL to possess or use marijuana - even if it’s legal in your area. Here's some information you need to know about what marijuana legalization means for you.
The 143d Airlift Wing welcomes home another group of #RhodeWarriors from their deployment overseas in support of Operation FREEDOM’S SENTINEL. We look forward to the safe return of our Airmen who are still deployed and continue to keep them in our hearts and minds. Welcome back #RhodeWarriors! #WeAreRHODY #AlwaysReadyAlwaysThere Rhode Island National Guard | Air National Guard | The National Guard
Happy 4th Rhody! This Fourth of July, we welcome home a group of our brave Airmen returning from deployment overseas. Once again, Team RHODY has proven its exceptional skill and professionalism in the most challenging conditions to safeguard our liberties. Please take a moment to reflect on those who are still deployed as we celebrate our nation’s 243rd birthday and its rich history. Have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July. Please keep yourselves, your families, and your Wingmen safe, so we can remain RHODY strong. #WeAreRhody #RhodeWarriors #AlwaysReadyAlwaysThere Rhode Island National Guard | Air National Guard | The National Guard
#RhodeWarriors, here are 7 safety tips to know while celebrating your 4th of July! #WeAreRHODY
The 143d Airlift Wing continues to take great pride in all our dedicated Airmen who execute our mission to deliver premier Combat Airpower, Cyberspace Defense, and Combat Communications capabilities. #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors Air National Guard | Rhode Island National Guard | The National Guard
I am Technical Sgt. Nicole Rodrigues, a bioenvironmental engineering specialist for the 143d Medical Group, Rhode Island Air National Guard. My job consists of identifying, analyzing and controlling occupational and environmental health hazards for the wing. During regular day-to-day operations, my focus is on industrial hazards. With our aircraft mechanics, for instance, I would identify and analyze their health hazards and ensure that appropriate personal protective equipment is used and other protective controls are in place. Recently, the wing conducted a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosives exercise. During a CBRNE exercise, it's my job to identify what chemical warfare agents an adversary may be using and provide a health hazard assessment to command staff. Additionally, I can assess whether or not CBRNE decontamination of personnel and equipment worked. Something not many people know about my job is that its part of the medical group. It’s considered part of preventative medicine. Our goal is to prevent people from getting sick rather than treating it after the fact. I like knowing I am protecting our people from health hazards. One of my favorite things about this career field is learning about different jobs at the wing. During routine assessments, I go to different shops to check whether processes changed or if there are any new hazards. My role is important to the Wing because it allows Airmen to do their job and get the mission done safely. They can trust we’ve given them the information they need to protect themselves. I have been a bioenvironmental engineering specialist in the military for more than seven years. I see myself staying in the military and reaching 20 years or more. Currently, I’m in school for civil and environmental engineering. I hope to commission within my career field. #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors #AlwaysReadyAlwaysThere Rhode Island National Guard | Air National Guard | The National Guard
Members of the 143d Airlift Wing participate in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive Exercise, June 9, 2019, at Quonset Air National Guard Base, North Kingstown, R.I. During the exercise, Airmen donned CBRNE personal protective gear and completed scenarios to ensure they have the necessary skills and training to survive and operate in a CBRNE environment. U.S. Air National Guard photos by Master Sgt. Jason Long, 143 AW/PA #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors #AlwaysReadyAlwaysThere Air National Guard | Rhode Island National Guard | The National Guard
Major Ryan P. Dwyer assumes command of the 143d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron during a change of command ceremony June 8, 2019, at the Quonset Air National Guard Base, North Kingstown, Rhode Island. As the commander, Dwyer will oversee Airmen readiness and the maintenance of the wing’s airlift capabilities in support of state and federal missions. U.S. Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Jason Long, 143 AW/PA #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors Air National Guard | Rhode Island National Guard
The 143d Airlift Wing Legal Office hosted a continuing legal education seminar for Rhode Island legal professionals, May 31, 2019, at Quonset Air National Guard Base, North Kingstown, R.I. Some information provided during the seminar addressed military disciplinary issues, protections under the Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act, and the Rhode Island Veterans Court. This is the first time the Rhode Island Air National Guard has offered a continuing legal education seminar. #RhodeWarriors #WeAreRHODY Rhode Island National Guard | Air National Guard
I am Lt. Col Brian Fontaine, medical group commander, 143d Medical Group, Rhode Island Air National Guard Base, North Kingstown, RI. My primary duty is to supervise the members of the medical group and ensure they maintain a state of readiness. I also oversee the management of patient records, medical equipment, and the facility. Before transitioning into this new command position, I oversaw medics and nurses as the chief executive nurse. In that position, my primary duty was to coordinate and arrange their training so that they were ready for deployment while also overseeing their overall job performance during the drill. My favorite part about this position was seeing people being promoted and awarded for their hard work. My previous position and the command position that I currently hold are similar in many ways, but now I have a great deal more responsibility, accountability, and more people to oversee. I have been in the military for 25 years and began my career as an Airman Basic here at Quonset in 1994. I originally worked within the supply section and also worked as the squadron medical element for the Operations group for about three years. I commissioned nine years after joining as a nurse in the medical field. I feel that my position affects the wing’s mission as a whole because our goal is to keep our forces fit and ready for deployment. Medical plays a huge role in the overall well-being of our airmen. Without our members being fit to fight, we would not be able to accomplish our mission. On the outside, I’ve been a certified registered nurse anesthetist for 15 years. I work for Stuart Medical Group where I provide area services to hospitals in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I went through the St. Joseph’s Hospital school of nursing in North Providence, RI where I graduated with a diploma in nursing. From there I attended Rhode Island College and obtained a bachelor’s degree. I then attended the University of New England and went through a combined program for a Master’s degree in science and nurse anesthesia. I have a wife, Amy and three boys, Aidan, Brady, and Camden. Much of my time is spent with family and taking my sons to play youth hockey and golfing.
Commander’s Memorial Day Summer Safety Message Hello Rhody, This year marks our nation’s 151st annual celebration of Memorial Day. As we celebrate the day with family and friends, let’s not forget the true reason for the day. Memorial Day honors service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our nation…brave men and women who gave their lives, so we may enjoy the freedoms we have today. Memorial Day weekend also marks the unofficial start of summer, which is the deadliest time of year for off-duty Airmen. Every year we lose Airmen in accidental deaths involving vehicles and alcohol-related accidents. Texting and driving, alcohol consumption, speeding, and fatigue are all factors that increase the risk of an accident. I encourage you all to celebrate and operate safely this weekend and throughout the active summer season. I am proud to serve with each of you. Thank you for your commitment to the defense of our great nation. Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend and summer! Please remember that your families, your Air Force and our Nation need you. Colonel Mike Comstock Commander, 143d Airlift Wing #WeAreRHODY! #RhodeWarriors Air National Guard | Rhode Island National Guard
Meet Senior Airman Sarah Arribas, a Mobility Air Forces Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems specialist of the 143d Avionics Element. Responsible for inspecting, removing, and installing integrated avionics systems, they play an important role maintaining our aircraft. #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors Air National Guard | Rhode Island National Guard | National Guard
I am Senior Airman Kyle J. Dagesse, a structural specialist, 143d Civil Engineer Squadron, Rhode Island Air National Guard. My job is in vertical construction, which consists of roofing, framing, finish carpentry, etc. I participated in the National Guard State Partnership Program, Subject Matter Expert Exchange mission with a small team of 143d CES Airmen and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force Base Maintenance Team, at Coral Harbour Base, Nassau, Bahamas, from March 11-14. Our job in structures supports this mission by coming down to the share and apply the skills we’ve learned in our technical schools and training with the RBDF to lend a helping hand to restore and prepare their structures for storm damage, the best we can, in the time we have to provide them with an efficient product, and assist them with questions they have along the way. The best part of my job is the opportunity to network with other people who do construction, who you might also be able to work with in the civilian sector. They may be growing their own business, particularly in the construction industry, or they may be able to give you advice on things you can do to be efficient on your own projects and endeavors. This experience has allowed me to see how things are done in other places and share best practices. I’ve been able to see, first-hand what the RBDF experiences are and learn from the base maintenance team, here. In the civilian world, I am a full time student, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in this exchange. Before I joined the military, I never would have thought I could have to the opportunity to be a full time student and travel doing the type of work I grew up doing and learn from my superiors and pass it along to help however I can. #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors #StatePartnershipProgram #SubjectMatterExpertExchange Air National Guard | Rhode Island National Guard | U.S. Northern Command | United States Embassy Nassau, The Bahamas | Royal Bahamas Defence Force
The 143d Airlift Wing celebrated the 381st birthday of the Rhode Island National Guard on May 14, 2019, at Quonset Air National Guard Base, North Kingstown, R.I. The event featured a brief history, delivered by Chief Master Sgt. Kevin P. Sarli, and a cake cutting by Maj. Gen. Christopher P. Callahan, the Adjutant General for the Rhode Island National Guard. U.S. Air National Guard Photos by Staff Sgt. Deirdre Salvas, 143 AW/PA. #WeAreRHODY #RhodeWarriors Rhode Island National Guard | Air National Guard | National Guard